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Our Pricing Is Competitive & Customized to YOUR home and YOUR needs:

Estimates are given based on home or office size, cleaning frequency and special requests.

Home pricing ranges from $7.00 to $9.00 per room. Minimum cleaning call is $70.00 per clean.

Regular cleanings Include the following maintenance:
Scrub tubs and showers
Shine Mirrors and faucets
Clean floors, toilets
Dust light fixtures and pictures
Dust furniture, baseboards, ceiling fans
Clean counters, outside appliances, tables , chairs
Shine glass and fixtures
Disinfect sink area
Vacuum/mop all floors
 Living areas:
Change and /or make master bed
Clean entry glass
Keep blinds and baseboards dust-free
Gather Trash to outside barrel
Supply all (but floor and specially requested) cleaning products

You work hard. Your home is your Castle, your office is your domain. Let an Honest Hard-working Professional give it the shine it deserves. Give yourself the break YOU DESERVE.
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